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Yup! That's a Sign of Mom Burnout

  Mom burnout is definitely a topic that has been getting a lot of buzz lately, especially given the challenges we've all been facing throughout the pandemic. If you feel like you’ve been running on fumes, you are not alone. The feeling like we are over extended and mentally exhausted as a result is totally normal! Sometimes it’s obvious when we are burnt out, but sometimes those signs can sneak up on us. Here are just a few signs to look out for! Mom Rage Here’s What it Looks Like Picture this: You just finished shuffling everyone and their things out the door, your hands overfilled with all the extras that everyone forgot to grab (water bottles, keys, phone, the baby’s toy). With your help, everyone is buckled in and you begin to back out of your driveway when you hear “I forgot my (insert ridiculous thing here)” from the back seat. You slam on the brake, throw the car into park, let out an exasperated sigh or swear word (hi, me too!). You slam the car door for effect as you make

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